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X76.1970a Mask, Barong


Object Name: Mask, Barong
Place of Origin: Bali, Indonesia
Date: Early to mid-20th century
Materials Used: Wood, leather, twine, wire, hair, mirrors, paint
Dimensions: H: 31.0 cm, W: 46.0 cm, D: 26.0 cm (H: 12.2 in, W: 18.1 in, D: 10.2 in)
Credit line and Accession Number: Fowler Museum at UCLA. Anonymous gift. X76.1970a

The Barong is a mythical beast whose protective energy is harnessed when the mask is danced in a Balinese village. During the performance, the Barong opposes the destructive power of the witch Rangda, a Balinese version of the Indian goddess Durga. Today the Barong is often staged for tourists, but sacred performances include participants who enter trance brought on by the charged spiritual atmosphere of the conflict between the Barong and Rangda.

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