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X2008.28.1a-e Mask


Object Name: Mask

Artist: Salvin Silva

Place of Origin:?Dondra, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Date: 2008

Dimensions:?H: 26.50 cm, W: 37.00 cm, D: 40.50 cm

Materials Used:?Wood, paint, cotton fabric

Credit Line and Accession Number:?Fowler Museum at UCLA.?Museum purchase.?X2008.28.1a-e

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Singha, the lion, is the totemic emblem of Sri Lanka?s Sinhala peoples, drawn from heraldic imagery. The lion performs in kolam popular drama, not as a main character but as a figure that evokes the power and strength of the main character and also the protective beneficence of the Buddha.

Source:?Gallery wall text,?Fowler in Focus: Masks of Sri Lanka, 2009

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