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X2002.33.13 Mask


Object Name: Mask

Artist: Katoyo or Chindele (foreigner)

Cultural Group: Ngangela or Mbunda peoples

Place of Origin: Angola or Zambia

Date/Era: Late 19th-20th century

Dimensions: H: 36.0 cm, W: 24.0 cm, D: 12.0 cm (H: 14.2 in, W: 9.4 in, D: 4.7 in)

Medium/Materials: Wood, plant fiber, paint

Credit Line: Museum purchase with funds provided by Jay T. Last.

Accession Number: X2002.33.13

Part of the educational strategy of masquerades is to allow the definition of a character to arise from contrast with the physical and performative attributes of other makishi. In this case, Katoyo or Chindele, who represents an outsider or a white person, has rather plain facial features with a prominent, long pointy nose. The holes that appear on either side of the disproportionately small mouth originally contained fibers or animal hair to suggest the abundant facial hair attributed to white men. Although the simplified forms of this mask are subtle and elegant, the intention of the carver was to parody the physical characteristics of a foreigner.

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