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Edited by Donald J. Cosentino with contributions by Suzanne Preston Blier, Robert Farris Thompson, Sidney Mintz and Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique, Laënnec Hurbon, Karen McCarthy Brown, Mama Lola, Marilyn Houlberg, George René, Elizabeth McAlister.

This abundantly illustrated anthology brings together sixteen essays by scholars, artists, and ritual experts who examine the sacred arts of Haitian Vodou from multiple perspectives. Essays are grouped in three sections roughly united around the themes of history, praxis, and art. Between chapters are eighteen interleafs, one devoted to each of ten major Vodou divinities, one each to three altar installations mounted as part of the Fowler exhibition on the sacred arts of Vodou, one each to the paintings of Hector Hyppolite and the multimedia pieces of Pierrot Barra, one each to sequined bottles and sequined flags, and one to the work of Brooklyn Priestess Mama Lola. Preceding the text are an imagined map of Haiti by Prefete Duffaut and a foldout of a painting depicting the Vodou pantheon by renowned priest/painter André Pierre, with an excerpt of the painter’s thoughts on Vodou.

9 x 12 inches, 446 pages
303 color and 307 b/w illustrations, 3 maps
ISBN 0-930741-47-1, hard cover, $99.00


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