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Edited by David Kunzle with contributions by Maurice Zeitlin, Shifra Goldman, Fabian Wagmister, and Christine Petra Sellin

Che Guevara left his imprint on history and on the hearts and minds of artists and writers throughout the world. In this work, art historian David Kunzle traces the man and myth globally in posters and artwork, examining iconization and commercialization, fantasy and fact. Some reproductions of rare photographs and artwork appear here for the first time. Contributing author Maurice Zeitlin tells of a midnight meeting with Che in Cuba; Shifra Goldman discusses the defacing and restoration of a mural of Che in Los Angeles during the early 1980s; Fabian Wagmister surveys the international poetic oeuvre inspired by Che; and Christine Petra Sellin takes a critical look at Hollywood’s Che!

The catalog includes art depicting Che and his message from numerous Latin American countries, as well as Poland, Ireland, Sweden, Vietnam, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Spain, and the United States.

9 x 12 inches, 124 pages
232 color illustrations
ISBN 0-930741-59-5, cloth, $50


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