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Presentation on the Art of Japanese Silk Braiding by Meher McArthur, Arts and Culture Director of JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles

Meher McArthur presents on the history and art of Japanese silk braiding from the 6th century to the present day. Braided silk cords (kumihimo) of many styles and patterns were used in aristocratic costumes, interior furnishings and decorations, musical instruments, armor and swords, and religious equipment for temples and shrines.

This program draws on JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles’s current exhibition, KUMIHIMO: The Art of Japanese Silk Braiding with DOMYO (on view until March 6, 2022), the first show devoted to this art form in the United States. The exhibition was produced by Yusoku Kumihimo Domyo (Domyo), a Tokyo-based company that has been making braided silk cords by hand since 1652. Click here for more information and a virtual exhibition tour.

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