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Performance: MindTravel Live-to-Headphones “Silent” Piano Sunset Concert

September 12, 2018 | 6:30PM - 7:30PM

Experience a meditative improvisational concert on the Fowler Terrace as the sun sets overlooking UCLA’s north campus. Composer and pianist Murray Hidary’s real-time piano compositions are beamed directly into your MindTravel headphones (provided), allowing you to kick back and take in your surroundings. A perfect way to relax and reflect during a beautiful summer evening.

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About MindTravel

MindTravel is an immersive musical experience that takes place in iconic theaters and beautiful outdoor spaces. In his live performances, composer and pianist Murray Hidary transports audiences on a journey that is at once expansive and transformative. His improvisational piano meditations, inspired by mystical traditions and theoretical physics, will leave you in a state of harmony and clarity, with the rhythm to carry it forward into your life. MindTravel has been brought to famed venues including Lincoln Center, The Theater at the Ace Hotel, The Brooklyn Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; festivals including Wanderlust, Carlsbad and Burning Man; and in venues, beaches and parks in cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, London, Montauk, New Jersey, Miami, Aspen, Oxford, Malibu, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Germany, Italy, Croatia and India. Find out more at

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