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Lecture: A 21st-Century Stepwell in India

October 16, 2019 | 6:00PM - 7:00PM

With new and ongoing water crises in India, the ancient wisdom of harnessing water via stepwells could be integrated into contemporary aqua architecture. Architect A. Mridul and artist/entrepreneur Shilpa Mridul discuss their 2009 project Birkha Bawarii, a stepwell built in a water-stressed township in Jodhpur. The Mriduls will also talk about their efforts to replicate and expand sustainable water networks like stepwells and to integrate the arts, history, and culture of the region into such renewal projects. A reception will follow the program.

Copresented by UCLA Water Resources Group, UCLA Department of Geography, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, UCLA Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies, and UCLA Center for Indian and South Asian Studies.


Related Exhibition: India’s Subterranean Stepwells: Photographs by Victoria Lautman
Since the 600 CE, stepwells have served as water-harvesting systems that descend into the earth and enable communities to access the water table or rainwater gathered below. A selection of 48 photographs by journalist Victoria Lautman captures the diversity and sublime beauty of these architectural marvels.


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