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Edina Lekovic

The Fowler Museum partnered with UCLA Islamic Studies to host the Community Bridges Residency, which enables community leaders, artists, and other non-academics who engage with Islam or Muslims in the community to benefit from a residency at UCLA. Hosted by UCLA Islamic Studies and the Fowler Museum, Edina Lekovic was the inaugural Community scholar in the Community Bridges Residency. Lekovic has more than two decades of expertise in storytelling, communications, media, leadership development, and interfaith community building. She also serves as the executive director of the Robert Ellis Simon Foundation, which supports mental wellness services for L.A. County’s most vulnerable residents. Her research on Muslim communities in Los Angeles informed public programs and K-12 learning associated with “Engaging Lived Religion in the 21st Century Museum,” funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. Lekovic also led the research and conducted oral interviews for “Visual and Sonic Landscapes of Muslims in Los Angeles.” This residency was additionally supported by UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies and UCLA Center for Community Engagement.

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